Spring in Sicily

SUMMERLOG: Nature's awakening


Nature wakes up

Sometimes known as the island of myth or the home of good food, Sicily is certainly the island of spring. Or rather, an eternal spring! Here the seasons really do seem to be only two. The year-round temperate climate makes this island a perfect place to spend the winter months without giving up the outdoors. In April, everything comes into bloom again. In Sicily, there are never months without flowers in the fields. In fact, there are many winter blooms and then, day after day, they accelerate to warm spring bouquets. But saying when the real spring season starts in Sicily is difficult! So let us rely on the convention of the calendar. In these weeks there is already an air of pre-summer. Work is going on at the Marina and stands and boats are being set up for the summer season. Taking a boat trip now is really exciting. While the air remains fresh in the open sea, it is true that it feels good in the sun. It is also fascinating to admire the coastline from the boat.

This is an uncommon vantage point and one that should never be taken for granted. If we go as far as the Zingaro reserve, passing the large bay of Guidaloca and then Scopello, we see the coastline finally green, the dwarf palm has been reborn and the first spontaneous field flowers colour the cliffs like an impressionist painting. Take a boat and sail along the coast not to miss this wonderful opportunity. The green, stained by the bright colours of the first flowers, combined with the strong blue of the sea creates a palette worthy of a naive painter!


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