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SUMMERLOG: Go out on a boat for a covid-free holiday!


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Summer 2021 will also be characterised, alas, by Covid19 restrictions. After almost a year and a half of giving up and making sacrifices, we still can't really say that we are completely free. The virus has really turned our lives upside down, starting with our social interactions and ending with our most common habits. And holidays were no different. They too have undergone upheavals, renunciations and restrictions on travel and social interaction. And last summer, hygienic products, masks and gloves were indispensable. With the hope that summer 2021 will be different from the previous one and will offer greater freedom, we can't help but reflect on what the best choice might be in terms of places to visit, groups of friends to hang out with and things to do to enjoy a summer in complete safety! This is where boating comes in. Already in 2020 there was a boom in boat rentals for excursions off the coast as well as double zero numbers for rentals of large yachts in charter mode.   And the coming summer will be no different. Renting a boat is once again perceived, by the user public, as a synonym of safety that goes well with the desire for fun and freedom: things that have been denied to us in recent months. The choice of spending the holidays on board a beautiful boat and cruising around on it, or simply renting a boat for a whole day of sunbathing and discovering coves and beaches, is more than a valid opportunity.  

The boat allows you to live in a safe and carefree a day of holiday with the group of friends or family we have chosen to attend and we are sure about their health. Sicily Boat Dreams has included in its rental offer every measure to protect the healthiness of the rental boats. The boats are, in fact, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at each return and again checked before a new rental. Alcohol gel dispensers and safety equipment will be available to clients and their guests at embarkation to ensure a safe trip out to sea. The advantage of staying with your group in a confined space and without the possibility of crossing paths with other holidaymakers makes this type of holiday the safest of all. We and the sea with no risks, no worries and no nasty surprises.


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